Fitness Team


All of our trainers are available by appointment by calling 970-477-5377


Christian Alvarez

Personal Trainer


Christian believes that in order to get results, there’s a combination of working smart (putting your mind and soul into it) and going hard! By going hard he means: dedication, discipline, determination and motivation.  Christian also acquired hands on Wellness Consultant training at the Institute for Alternative Medicine in The Woodlands, TX.

Private Instruction will help take your overall athletic ability to the
next level! Through one on one
instruction each session is based on
your health, body type and lifestyle.
During each session your personal
coach will assist you to zero in on
your goals and inspire you to meet
and often times exceed them.
Each of our Personal Trainers holds
a nationally recognized certification
and is FMS (functional movement
screen) certified. Our Pilates
instructors are highly skilled with
the reformer and all Pilates
equipment to offer effective
non-impact functional exercise.
While our Yoga instructors hold
eclectic certifications and styles;
all have a therapeutic approach
that allows students to access
their inner power through refining
breath work, building strength
and flexibility.


Suzanne Oliver

Wellness & Group Fitness Manager

Suzanne has been teaching yoga in the Vail Valley for nearly 20 years. She is masterful at functional alignment and brings a healing and therapeutic approach to her teachings; transforming one’s yoga practice with innovative techniques. Suzanne is also a meditation instructor.  Her areas of expertise are in alignment based hatha yoga, meditation guid­ance, joint replacement pre & post op, therapeutic private instruction.


Ryan Richards

Personal Trainer


Ryan has been a fitness profes­sional in the Vail Valley for 16 years. Ryan feels strongly about keeping fitness programming simple and effective. He is extreme­ly passionate about spine mechanics and its relationship to pain reduction and performance. Ryan believes in simplicity. His areas of expertise include corrective exercise specialization, basic barbell instruction, kettlebell training and coaching older adults.


Kevin Roop

Personal Trainer


Kevin has been a Ski Coach and Instructor for over 25 years, and a certified personal trainer since 2008. He has worked at resorts and fitness clubs on the East Coast, Colorado, and California. His focus is to help clients from all ages and backgrounds meet their fitness goals, and holds specific training certifications for women, children, and seniors.


Kirsten Stuart

Personal Trainer


Kirsten has been training for over 20 years. She enjoys inspiring and motivating people to surpass their self-perceived limitations with positive energy and a challenging, creative style. She has firsthand experience of the challenges of injury and recovery; she uses her insights to benefit her clients reaching a pain free life.


Celeste Lundberg

Personal Trainer


Celeste has been a Personal Training for 21 years and has experienced injuries, sickness and weight gain. She weaves her first hand experiences to help recover from injury, function better while getting stronger in a safe but energized way.


Deb Plath

Personal & Pilates Trainer


Deb focuses on total body strength conditioning, group resistance training, functional training, Pilates for full body conditioning, and

Pilates for athletes.


Senta Schleder

Personal Trainer


Senta has been training for 19 years and focuses on how to safely train the body “under tension.” Her training style is patient while enforcing proper form and believes that it is important to learn of your body’s imbalances in order to improve posture and reduce risk of injury.


Missy McDonald

Personal Trainer


With 28 years of Personal Training and 22 years of Massage Therapy experience, Missy has extensive background working with all types of athletes and adventure seekers. She worked at the Collegiate level fueling her passion to specialize in injury prevention and rehab, identifying muscular imbalances and faulty mechanics that lead to injuries and poor performance.