With Desirée Rumbaugh & Local Physical Therapist, Karen Church


Stronger & Fearless 
Keep your practice strong and vital into your 50’s and beyond. Desirée Rumbaugh will be joining with physical therapist Karen Church to teach you how yoga assists us as we navigate the blessing of the aging process.


Karen will present a multi-media lecture and discussion, and Desirée will teach corresponding yoga poses. Digital images feature anatomy and enhance visual and kinesthetic learning. Geared for teachers and students over 50 and teachers working with students over 50 but open to anyone who wants to learn more about the structure and movement of the yogic body.


Desirée Rumbaugh is an internationally recognized yoga teacher with unquenchable enthusiasm for life, love and healing. She blends playful humor with an authentic inquiry into the nature of being to help her students discover their own power, courage and beauty. Learn more about Desirée Rumbaugh at

Karen Church, PT, CFMT practices physical therapy in Glenwood Springs, CO. She blends the principles of yoga with her extensive knowledge of human anatomy. She is a teacher, photographer, and the author of Therapeutic Yoga. Preview photos of Wisdom Warriors at


Cost: $300*/$350  
* Early Bird Ends Oct 8th

Register by calling the Sonnenalp Club at 970-477-5377 or email Suzanne Oliver at

9:30a-12:00p: Fluid Spine: Backbends
2:00-4:30p: Listen to Your Soul: Forward Bends, Hip Openers & Twists


9:30a-12:00p: The Lightness of Being: Arm Balances & Handstands
2:00-4:30p:    Serious Relief For Stressed Out Neck & Shoulders


Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent. 
These classes are designed for students and teachers who wish to refine their understanding of the connection of body and mind in the practice of yoga. A refined practice leads us to creating a strong flexible body and a calm centered mind. Open to all levels, these classes are an opportunity for everyone to practice and be re-inspired together. Please bring yoga blankets, straps and blocks.


About Desirée Rumbaugh: 
An internationally recognized yoga teacher, Desirée travels the globe offering workshops & retreats, sharing knowledge accumulated over the past 3 decades of working with students of all ages & levels. Known for her warmth, authenticity & playful sense of humor, Desirée has mastered delivering the complexity of yoga in a down-to-earth, easily understandable way. Learn more about Desirée Rumbaugh at


Single Session: $45*/$55    
Workshop: $180*/$220  
* Early Bird Ends Oct 8th

Register by calling the Sonnenalp Club at 970-477-5377 or email Suzanne Oliver at

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